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29 March, 2013

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In Paper vs Paper, a local multiplayer, single button, strategy game you take control over one of two paper mache armies. Create and command your own miniature paper soldiers using just a single button! Challenge your friends sitting directly across the table and crush them with your legion of tiny paper warriors! Paper vs Paper simplifies the complex strategy genre and narrows it down to its core; build and direct your army into battle and outsmart your friends in exciting tabletop skirmishes!


Paper vs Paper came to life through a one week jam sessions where we made five prototypes. We chose the prototype for a single button local multiplayer strategy game to be worked out till our first game.


  • Play 1 v 1 on the same iPad!
  • Command and control your army with just a single button!
  • Both players oversee the entire map, the ultimate tabletop experience!
  • Play up to a number of points or for a predetermined amount of time!
  • Three different maps, six different units!


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download all screenshots & photos as .zip (4MB)


Selected Articles

  • "For being a two-player strategy game, this is fairly simple. It is perfect for a pick-up casual game while the kids are waiting for dinner, or while you and your friend are line-sitting for the next Hobbit movie."
    - Lory Gil, AppAdvice

  • "[Dutch] Real time strategy-spel, dat met weinig middelen heel diep kan gaan."
    - Wesley Akkerman, FOK!

  • "[German] Paper vs. Paper ist ein tolles Strategiespiel und mit 0,89 Euro erstaunlich günstig. Für alle, denen „Stein, Schere, Papier“ zu oldschool ist, eine spannende Möglichkeit der Entscheidungsfindung."
    - Stephanie Schlütter, AppGamers

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Self Made Miracle allows for the contents of Paper vs. Paper to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Paper vs. Paper is legally & explicitly allowed by Self Made Miracle. This permission can be found in writing at http://press.selfmademiracle.nl/sheet.php?p=paper_vs_paper.

Paper vs. Paper website
Dedicated Paper vs. Paper website available at papervspaper.com.

About Self Made Miracle

We have a sincere passion for both art and technology, combining the two is what love to do most. Our passion drives us to create both technologically driven art as well as artistic technology. Our work varies from video games through software and web development up to physical interactive installations. Wether we work for a client or independently we always strive to serve our users the optimal interactive experience.

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